Donations for the Months of May and June

Donations for the Months of May and June

RelyOn Credit of Dallas

With combined efforts of the Dallas and Kaufman Branches, they have created a donation program  for our shelter.

The very lavish donations from our needs list  have been fantastic each time they have delivered.

Victory Baptist Church of Seagoville

The unbelievable amount of items the members of Victory Baptist Church collected and brought to us on  April 30th was truly a blessing!!!


The first three Saturday’s of each month Mr. Savoeun Leng

 is donating donuts for the children .

Kaufman Donuts
15 Oak Creek Dr.
Kaufman, Tx 75142

UPDATE!!! As of June 18th we have a second (anonymous) donut Angel

Six months’ of donuts have been pre-paid for our children.

Donuts are always a great treat

Thank you  Donut Angel’s