KISD'S "Meals for Mum" t-shirts


On Friday October 9th prior to the Homecoming football game, Kaufman County Children’s Shelter Operational Board members and Shelter Administrative staff were presented with a generous donation from the sales of “Meals for Mums” t – shirts.
 A special THANK YOU to everyone involved in the success of this special program from KCCS Staff and Children.

Dr. Dan Crawford approached me with this idea last year to help raise money for those in need during the holidays. He and I started the program to raise money to feed those less fortunate for the holidays. He felt that instead of spending tons of money on mums, why not spend that money on a shirt instead. This year we were privileged enough to have a sponsor who purchased the shirts for us so that every last penny was given to the Kaufman County Children’s Shelter.

We want to thank Amanda Verda at State Farm for sponsoring our shirts this year so that all proceeds went to those in need. Also the KHS cheerleaders and their coaches Kasie Valdez and Landy Hetmer played a huge role in organizing the sell of shirts.

We want to also thank the Kaufman drill team coach Robin Summers for purchasing shirts for all of her drill team members. Each year the program grows and grows and we are super excited to continue the tradition here at KHS to help others.

Landy Biven Hetmer
Kaufman High School
Yearbook Advisor/Varsity Cheer Coach