Urgent Need for disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer

image of baby itemsBABY NEEDS:

Wipes (alcohol free)

Diapers size 4- 5- 6

Pull-ups- girl/ boy 4/5

J&J or Equate-(Wal Mart brand)- baby wash/ shampoo/ lotion  (a lot of our babies break out with the other brands)

Infant socks- boys & girls

Crawlers (I think the stores call them sleep & play) 12 – 24 months;

Diaper rash cream



Craft sticks (small & large)

Glitter/glitter glue

Fuzzy Posters

Color Posters

Foam squares/ circles



PJ’s- girl/ boy sizes 6-Adult M

Socks- boy/girl- S-M-L

Underwear- boy/girl- 2/3- 10/12 kids

T-shirts- solid color- sizes 4- Adult M



Paper goods (PT & TP), 5 oz cups; waxed paper plates;

Clorox Cleanup/409 for general cleaning

Disinfectant Spray

All Free & Clear Laundry detergent

Dawn Dish Liquid

Bounce Dryer Sheets



Hand Sanitizer

Hair brushes (any kind/ size/brand)

Toothpaste (kids/ infants)

Deodorant (boy/ girl) (any brand/size)

Personal size hand/ body lotion (the big ones are hard for the younger kids to use)

Body Wash (boy/girl/infant)

Shampoo/ conditioner (any kind)


Gift Cards for special purchases/ Birthdays: (Tanger Mall; Visa/MC; Wal Mart)

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