Norville Center


You can help tremendously by purchasing some items the shelter needs daily

Donating items to the shelter is easy! You can either purchase and drop them off at the shelter OR you can purchase from the Amazon Wish List and have them shipped directly to the shelter.

Urgent Needs

Disinfectant spray

General Needs

Gift Cards For special purchases/ Birthdays: (The Shops at Terrell; Visa/MC; Walmart)

Toiletry Needs

Hairbrushes any kind / size / brand
Toothpaste kids / infants
Deodorant boy / girl & any brand / size
Personal size hand / body lotion the big ones are hard for the younger kids to use
Body wash boy / girl / infant
Kids shampoo / conditioner any kind
Lice treatment kits

Baby Needs

Wipes alcohol free
Diapers sizes 4 – 5 – & 6
Pull-ups boy / girl 4 / 5
Diaper rash cream
Baby wash / shampoo / lotion Johnson&Johnson or Equate (Walmart brand): a lot of our babies break out with the other brands.
Infant socks boys & girls
Crawlers (stores call them sleep & play) 12 – 24 months

Clothing Needs

Pajamas boy / girl sizes 3T – Adult M
Socks boy / girl – S – M – L
Underwear boy / girl – 2/3 – 10/12 kids
T-shirts solid color sizes 4 – Adult M

Household Needs

Paper goods Paper towels, Toilet paper, 5 & 8 oz. cups, waxed paper plates, bowls, Zip lock bags (Qt. and Gallon)
Clorox Cleanup / 409 for general cleaning
All Free & Clear laundry detergent Liquid
Bounce dryer sheets
Bath towels white
Wash rags white
Dawn dish liquid
Antibacterial hand soap
Sunscreen up to SPF100
Non-DEET insect spray Deet Free

Arts & Crafts Supplies

Craft sticks small & large
Glitter / glitter glue
Fuzzy posters, coloring posters
Beads Bracelet & necklaces making kits
Foam circles, squares, letters
Apple Barrel paints 2oz bottles
Paint brushes
Canvases 8 X 10 & 11 X 14
Sidewalk chalk