Gifts from Kayden

Gifts from Kayden

Thank you all so much for allowing Kayden to donate the can goods, that he collected doing a baseball camp at Scurry-Rosser High School.  This was part of the National Honor Society individual service program.

From Kayden:

I chose the Kaufman County Emergency Children’s Shelter because it hits close to home for me, and my older brother.  October 12, 2005 my brother, Gage was removed from his elementary school by CPS the day before his 6th birthday, as a result of me being born on October 9, 2005 with high levels of meth in my system, via my birth mother. I was admitted to NICU, then I was permanently removed from our bio mother and father. I joined my brother in Foster care approximately 2 weeks later.  Late December 2005, Gage and I were placed permanently into the home of our paternal aunt and uncle.  Their children were grown, but they fought for us to stay together, and complete their family.  We have had a wonderful life, but our biological parents left a hole only God can close.  We are blessed that our God given parents are believers and have raised us in church. They have taught us to have a relationship with God.  December 19th, 2006 our father, (my bio dad, age 37) lost his life to drugs. Our bio mom is finally over 1 year clean and sober. I visit with her via phone on occasion. Growing up and hearing my story, I have grown to have a heart for children that are in similar situations as my brother and I were.  When this NHS project was presented to me, I knew that I wanted to give back.

Having the opportunity to share food items, and an infant car seat (needed by the shelter), gave me the chance to give back in a small but useful way. We contacted our church, Kaufman County Christian Center and they donated the seat for me to bring to the shelter.

Thank you again for serving children

Kayden Bradshaw and Family