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October Happenings

October Happenings

In October we had lots of things going on:

For nearly 4 years, Kaelyn Black has been part of a core group of youth, from Central Baptist in Crandall, who visit the shelter on the second Sunday of each month. We have lunch and play with the kids for a few hours, always striving to “make a friend, be a friend”.  We also do some projects around the house or donate various items, helping how and if we can!

Over the years Kaelyn has spent volunteering at the Shelter, she has seen many kids come and go. And all of them have touched her heart! So much so that she has asked only for gifts for the Shelter and nothing for herself on her last two birthdays!

For Kaelyn’s 16th birthday, she asked for cash and donated all she received to the Shelter.

This year, for her 17th, Kaelyn sought the support of family, friends and Central Baptist, to gather suitcases, backpacks and bags. She asked for donations of toiletries, socks, pajamas and blankets to fill the bags. This project was on her heart as she wanted to give the kids “a fresh start” when they leave the Shelter.  Her birthday wish came true as you can see by the photos!

Kaelyn is a Junior at Crandall High School.  She plans to study psychology in college so she can become a counselor for children and human trafficking victims.

Water of Life Lutheran Church of Forney donated lots of diapers and pumpkins


Faith of Deliverance Baptist Church of Kaufman brought pizza and played with the kids

Then there was the Scarecrow Festival with CASA


And then of course there were the Shark and Monkey pumpkins.
Nowhere else but KCCS!